Verdicts & Settlements

$800K Verdict

Medical Malpractice

A 54-year-old metalworker presented to an ophthalmologist with pain in his eye and blurred vision. On examination, the doctor discovered that a tiny piece of metal had partially penetrated the patient’s cornea where it remained lodged. The doctor removed the metal and diagnosed the patient with a condition called ‘rust ring.’ The doctor prescribed topical medications and scheduled follow-up visits. As a result of the rust ring, which failed to resolve, the patient’s corneal tissue became necrotic. At one of the follow-up visits, the doctor used a battery-operated burr, also called a ‘drill,’ to remove the necrotic tissue. While removing the necrotic tissue, the doctor penetrated the cornea with the drill, puncturing the eye. There was some evidence that the doctor penetrated so deeply into the eye as to penetrate the lens as well. The patient underwent a corneal transplant and several other follow-up surgeries. However, the patient’s sight had suffered permanent damage, leaving him with 20/200 to 20/400 vision in the affected eye. The case went to trial and the plantiff obtained a verdict in the amount of $800,000.


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