Verdicts & Settlements

$3.999 Million Settlement

Commercial Vehicle Accident

A young woman was driving to work when a commercial motor vehicle suddenly pulled out in front of her. The woman had no time to avoid collision and was killed as a result of the crash. She was survived by her husband and minor child. The parties engaged in substantial pre-suit discovery including the retention of accident reconstruction experts. The estate also retained an economist, as well as a production company to interview family members to show the impact of the loss of this young wife and mother.

There was a $1 million general commercial liability insurance policy, as well as a $3 million excess policy available. The parties participated in a pre-suit mediation in 2023. As a condition precedent, the insurance company offered their $1 million general commercial liability policy prior to the mediation. The parties settled approximately a week and a half after mediation for the total amount of $3,999,999.00. All other identifying information is confidential.


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