Injuries caused by anesthesia errors can often be more dangerous than surgical errors.  Even a small mistake in administering anesthesia can result in permanent brain injury or even death.  It is crucial for the anesthesiologist to obtain a proper medical history to determine first whether certain anesthetic agents are contraindicated in the patient’s case.  Also, the patient must be given thorough instructions as to when they must stop eating food and drinking liquid prior to surgery.  Patients who eat or drink just prior to surgery are at risk of aspirating the contents of their stomach.

Anesthesia errors can also occur during the surgery itself.  Patients can be harmed if they are given too much anesthesia.  Also, it is crucial for the anesthesiologist to closely monitor their patients’ vital signs.  Improper intubation is another common anesthesia error.

Kevin J. Williams recently worked on a case in which a two year old boy died after an anesthesia error.  The boy developed fluid in the pericardial space which required draining.  Prior to the procedure, he was given a combination of propofol and fentanyl.  He also had some morphine on board.  The child went into cardiac arrest and later died.  Experts for the plaintiff testified, among other things, that the physician did not properly titrate the medications to effect which resulted in an overdose.  The case settled for $700,000.

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