More drivers illegally passed stopped school buses in Forsyth County during the annual one day count than at any time since the statewide effort to track the problem started in 1998.  Kevin J. Williams became acutely aware of this problem when working at his prior firm.  His colleagues there handled the case of a young boy who was struck and killed by a car as he crossed the street in front of his house to get on the stopped school bus in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The case settled after mediation for $3,529,000 in 2004.

The problem reared its head as recently as December 2012 when Hasani Wesley, a Forsyth County student, was also struck and killed as he attempted to board his school bus.  As a result, two state representatives from Forsyth County – Ed Hanes and Donny Lambeth – introduced a bill to toughen the laws for drivers who pass stopped school buses.  The complete story can be found here:

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