A Winston-Salem man recently got bitten by a dog.  Normally, we think little of these stories.  Person gets bit, gets a few stitches, no big deal.  This gentleman had flesh ripped from bone.  Ligaments torn.  He  required serious medical treatment.  Now he is $60,000 in debt.  Unfortunately, dogs get one free bite in North Carolina.  Generally speaking, if a dog has not attacked before, it is virtually impossible to show that it is foreseeable that the dog poses a danger to the public.  If you can not prove that such an attack was foreseeable, you can not prove your case.  The story may be read here:  http://www.journalnow.com/news/columnists/scott_sexton/sexton-life-altering-dog-attack-leaves-man-with-debt-few/article_4d59d249-91c6-59d7-bec7-4bbfa38f784d.html.

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